Monsoon & adventure tourism activities to be promoted in Rajasthan in a bid to attract visitors!

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Decked out with historic forts and majestic palaces amidst a vast expanse of barren land, Rajasthan has a unique allure. While the territory attracts many tourists every year due to its distinctive beauty, it must now be presented as a hub for monsoon and adventure tourism. With the materialization of the latest plans, the hidden gems of the attractive landscapes of Rajasthan will be brought to light, in a bid to attract a growing number of travelers.

Tranquil monsoon destinations like Udaipur and Banswara will be promoted

During the past few decades, Rajasthan has developed as a center of attraction for history lovers and royalty. The country welcomes tourists from across national and international borders, and is known for its grand forts, charming palaces, stunning stretches of sand, and idyllic forests. Besides the usual temptations, the state also has a series of locations, such as Udaipur and Banswara, that transform into charming tourist spots during the monsoons.

Officials from Rajasthan Tourism Department have informed that Udaipur and Banswara cities will now be staged as monsoon destinations. It is worth mentioning that the city of Banswara consists of 100 islands surrounded by rivers, hills, islands and picturesque landscapes. Likewise, Udaipur is claimed to be the Venice of the East due to its numerous lakes and alluring suburbs that herald magical moments during the monsoons.

Plans to highlight adventure activities in the country

In addition, the adventure activities offered by the state will also be highlighted as part of the new plans. The officials added, “Most of the tourists visit Himachal and Uttarakhand to enjoy the adrenaline rush. Not many know about the adventure activities that take place here. So the next focus is to promote adventure tourism.”

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