PGL to welcome families on their famous adventure holidays for first time in company’s history

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New PGL research conducted in early June found that 60 percent of parents surveyed admitted that the lockdown had made them realize they were not spending enough time with their children.

In addition, three-quarters of the 1,085 parents asked said the lockdown had made them “change or re-evaluate their relationship” with their children.

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Mr Jones said the new format at PGL centers “fits very well” with the traditional school trip format and insisted that the centers remain “children-related”.

“This is not a parental holiday per se, this is about the kids showing the parents the ropes,” he said, adding that “everything we do is made by young people.”

The ten centers that now host family holidays as well as school trips have been changed to fit their new purpose, with the addition of “connecting family rooms” to the traditional dormitory style.

Traditional activities have also been adapted to suit a “range of ages and abilities”, so that children can participate in tasks such as rock climbing, canoeing and archery with their parents.

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