Streamline adventure tourism, stop vandalisation at trekking routes: ATOAK

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Simplify adventure tourism, stop sabotaging travel routes: ATOAK

Posted on August 26, 2021 | author Yaqoob Ali

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Srinagar, August 25: The Kashmir Valley Tour Operators Association (Attwak) said on Wednesday

The government should simplify adventure tourism and urge it to stop vandalism of trekking areas by some companies.

Several tourism stakeholders including representatives of the Pahalgam, Sonmarg and Gulmarg chapters of Atwak along with major tourism operators, prominent tourism operator Nasir Shah and President Tak Farooq Kotho held a meeting to discuss the issues.

During the meeting, members were concerned about recent reports of trekking trails in campsites and in bodies of water.

ATOAK has urged the Ministry of Tourism to take strong action against unregistered and unauthorized outbound tour companies which are not only conducting their tour business illegally but also in some kind of malpractice. At the meeting, members recommended management to stop unregistered overseas tour operators.

“Organizing the number of hikers according to the capacity of the valleys of Leader and Sindh and allowing only 15 people in a group of trips according to international standards,” they said.

ATOAK urged the department to boost the excursion permit fee from 100 rupees to 1,000 rupees per person.

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