Tourism setting up camp in Floyd County

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DAVID, Ky (WYMT) – The Prestonsburg Passage has a new stopping point as one David family works to give back to the community.

“Unless we find a uranium vein, we will never replace the coal economy. But tourism is part of the puzzle. And it grows and grows from there. When people come to town, people start investing in the town,” said Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton.

The Eastern Kentucky Trails Property and Campground is open to visitors with four of 12 off-plan RV lines ready to run electricity, water, sewerage, and more.

The site is set up just off the intersection in David, next to the driveway. Developers Greg and Randy Davis say it’s about creating a convenient and safe place for families who want to enjoy a bit of adventure tourism stretching into the area.

“Here for 58 years. Greg laughed. “I would like to see more. We hope to see other companies here alone on this path. The path has kind of given this small town a breath of new life.”

The idea, according to Greg, is to continue developing the site to include a restaurant, horse-tying poles, and more.

“Stay tuned. We have more to add. We will be doing more.”

Stapleton said it’s great to see people flocking back into their communities to help them thrive.

“I am even more grateful that the Davis brothers have worked together and invested in their David community and in the possibilities we can get out of this path,” he said.

This tourism affects not only the Floyd County area, but its neighboring communities as well. It’s something Maguven County Executive Judge Matt Wehrman is pleased to see further development.

“Without bringing in tourists, or having a reason to bring in tourists, we’re not going to get them. We have to sell our area. And one of the things that seems to be our specialty right now is these trails. Whether it’s walking, horseback riding, bike riding, or ATV trails,” Wermann said.

There are plans in the works to connect the David section of the Passage Trail with the Royalton and Dawkins Trails in the future. He said that this camp will be an additional attraction to highlight the tourism opportunities.

The site also offers free WiFi and is under video surveillance to give campers an extra sense of security.

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