When water lilies laid the seeds for tourism

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Water lilies appear in the rice fields of Malarikale village as a new tourist attraction in Kerala. The seasonal visual treatment of nature makes the God’s Own Country title even more relevant to Kerala.

Located near the city of Kottayam and surrounded by the backwaters of Kumarakom and the rice fields of Kuttanad in the Alappuzha district, pink
The Malarickal water lily spread has started receiving tourists over the past few years as photos and videos taken by some local photographers have gone viral on social media.

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Now Malarickal is not only a tourist place, but also a favorite place for photo sessions before and after the wedding. Despite the Covid scenario, dozens of local tourists flock to the picturesque area to enjoy visual therapy. Pink water lilies are actually noxious weeds for farmers involved in rice cultivation. They used to destroy them before planting. But after cultivation when water enters the rice fields located near the confluence of the Meenachil and Kodoor rivers, the water lilies, known locally as ambalblooming in rice fields. Water lilies can be seen scattered all over the area’s endless paddy fields that extend up to 2,000 acres. But it spreads over 350 acres like a pink carpet. The visual therapy is only there for a few hours in the morning as the water lilies wither by noon. Hence, the ideal time to enjoy it is between 7 AM and 11 PM.

Water lilies begin blooming by mid-July and will peak during August and September and will finish by mid-October. that ampal The festival is also organized by the local tourism association and farmers’ associations which offer facilities such as boat rides through water lily carpets. “Water lilies which are herbs for rice cultivation have now planted the seeds of great tourism potential in the area,” says Malarikal Tourism Association Secretary Shagyemon.

During peak seasons like Illiterate On other holidays, the daily tourist arrival saw a sharp rise, reaching 3,000 tourists. The association, in cooperation with local farmers’ associations, offers boat rides. The area is served by about 60 rustic, motorized boats that seat from 2 to 15 people. A small fee will be charged.

The Kerala Department of Tourism plans to explore the tourism potential of Malarikal, which is located about ten kilometers from Kumarakom, and in close proximity to Vembanad Lake – the country’s longest and largest in Kerala – as well as the rice fields of Kuttanad.

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